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“A real singer and rhythm guitarist with a disposition of her own... recognizes the humanity in the words of the reflective, slow-swaying ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child”… feels the torment most interpreters don’t know exists in the older-than-sin “House Of The Rising Sun.” Downbeat, March 2009

“Whenever a blues artist comes along with something fresh and personal to say, it’s cause for celebration. Let us now celebrate EG Kight, a woman who eschews the clichéd methodology too often endemic to the genre in lieu of her own uniquely rural, deeply personal sound and style.” Taylor Guitars magazine

“I think you have one of the most absolute beautiful, richest voices... The last time I heard a woman’s voice impress me, as yours, was when I heard Eva Cassidy for the first time.” Michael Johnathon, host of Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour

“Kight’s full-bodied, resonant voice of experience sound is perfect.” Hittin’ The Note magazine

“Equal measures of sensuality and grit filter through an appealing Southern drawl when this lady sings the blues. Takin’ It Easy displays the multitude of her gifts in the best possible light.” King Biscuit/Field Hollerin’ magazine

“Kight's is a voice to be reckoned with, no matter the genre.” Sing Out! magazine

“Like a Cass Elliot of our time…. an unstoppable force.” Blues Revue magazine

“… her high energy contralto vocals are right on the mark for a set of tunes that range from shuffles to ballads to horn-driven rockers…” Living Blues magazine

“E.G. Kight is a gutsy blues-gal and a fine writer. Acoustic blues fans will delight in E.G. Kight's delivery and arrangements.”

“Kight is no mere mood ring with a microphone; she’s one of love’s decorated warriors with insight into the battle.” Bluesrag magazine

“[Kight] plays a vibrant and catchy brand of guitar, backing her own attention-grabbing voice – blending everything into a setting and presentation that’s completely her own.” Nashville City Paper

“Does Kight have talent? Will water make you wet if you fall in it? She sings, she writes, she covers quality songs, she plays a mean guitar.” Key Notes

“This is Patsy Cline with a cigarette voice and intense feeling for the lyric. EG is doing what she does best. She sings it and plays it with feeling – the hell with trying to be somebody else.” Fly magazine

“A combination of sensual restraint, deadly accurate pitch, and perfectly placed and emotive accentuation.” Edmonton Journal


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