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EG Kight - EG (live and) Naked
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EG Kight - EG (live and) Naked

EG's live album!
This solo acoustic tour de force was recorded live at Jeremiah's in Williamsport, PA on August 21, 2005. It's EG Kight raw, intimate, and au naturale!
Produced by Bonnie Tallman

On sale: $12.99!

The Songs

Good Time Charlie Intro
If You Ever Touch Me
Stormy Weather
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EG Talkin'
Let The Blues Move You
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At Last
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EG Talkin'
I Ain't Got No Business Doin' Business Today
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EG Talkin'
Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
Trouble With A Capital "T"
EG Talkin'
Son Of A Preacher Man
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Folsom Prison Blues
I Cried Like A Baby (Ice Man, Coal Man)
EG Talkin'
What A Wonderful World


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