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EG and her band opened for BB King!

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Check out EG's new video for the tune "Savannah" from her latest CD "Lip Service"

EG performs at JAX in Isla Mujeres, Mexico
for a fundraiser for the special needs children of the
Little Yellow School House

EG and her German based band, Blue Alley
perform in Yokohama, Japan
for a fundraiser for the earthquake and tsunami victims

"I've been around animals all my life, and have had pets as long as I can remember. My dear friend, Jackie Beacham, founded the Laurens County Humane Society in 1964, and to honor her friendship, and her legacy, I'm committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from CD and photography sales at my 2013 shows to area Humane Societies." - EG Kight

LIP SERVICE  Produced by Paul Hornsby and EG Kight
Charted in the top 10 on Airplay Direct’s Top 50 Blues Albums, and climbed to #1 on Sirius XM’s Bluesville

With special guests Randall Bramblett, Tommy Talton, Bill Stewart, Earl Ford, Marcus Henderson, John Nemeth, and the legendary Paul Hornsby

Eleven songs written by EG Kight

"Kight's is a voice to be reckoned with, no matter the genre."
Sing Out! Magazine

"Lip Service might revive the American blues scene with every bit the staying power of Bonnie Raitt's Nick Of
Time. E.G. Kight is the type of artist to believe in when music with soul seems impossible to find.” 
- Christopher L. Adams, Cashbox

“…it is her singular voice and musicality that make the album such a success…. utterly unique and compelling
… It is Kight’s magisterial vocals and honed instincts that act as the catalyst that unifies all of the elements into a
soulful and deeply satisfying listen.”  - Macon Magazine

“…she can really sell a line with her mellifluous yearning pleas. Her gospel, country, and blues roots coalesce in
a heartfelt delivery where simple lyrics come across as profoundly etched in stone homilies delivered in warm
milk.”  - BluesWax

“EG Kight is an artist that makes music that will endure. Her style has a musical niche and says things that
matter. …she has a laid-back feel while she mixes up a musical stew that some have labeled, "Country-
Flavored Southern-Fried Blues"...EG has the Baby Boomer generation involved within her music, increasing
her popularity over the past two decades.”  - Gary, MuleTownRadio


Click here to check out E.G. Kight's recent appearance on
Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor

Click here to see EG performing "Poetry Man" at Ida Red in Tulsa.

Bring Peace Not Pain
“As individuals or as nations, with every interaction we share with others,
we must remember that we have a choice…
Will we bring Peace or pain?”


Bring Peace Not Pain, a multifaceted grassroots initiative with an international following that is dedicated to fostering peace and global citizenship announced that EG Kight’s “Through The Eyes Of A Child” has won the People’s Choice Award in the INTERNATIONAL PEACE SONG CHALLENGE. The challenge received submissions representing many musical genres from all areas of the US as well as India, the UK, Australia and Pakistan. In believing that music has the unique ability to transcend social and geographical barriers, Bring Peace Not Pain, with the support of musical instrument leader Gibson Guitar, launched the Peace Song Challenge in an effort to create a platform for individuals to share their messages of peace.

EG Kight plays Taylor Guitars and DR Strings.

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